If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we should feel more flattered every day. Our innovative hinge and post design is destined to become an industry standard. With the exclusive post and column mount design we allow for a wide range of gate adjustment, in terms of leveling and minor spacing adjustments. With the receiver nut for the hinge bolts recessed inside the post or column mount you end up with a cleaner looking installation. All of our posts are numbered to match the gates they are fabricated for to ensure a smooth field installation. We also keep records of the gate to enable us to build an exact replacement in the event your gate needs to be replaced.


The stainless steel hinge bolt is coupled with a polytech™ hinge block that never requires lubrication. You eliminate the required maintenance of greasing the hinges, the unsightly grease over fill and residue, as well as the seizing of gate hinges associated with standard greased bearing hinges. Because of the superior design we are able to offer a 3-year warranty on our polytech™ hinge blocks. Actual life expectation is longer, but varies according to the gate size and the number of cycles per day. The other exiting feature with the polytech™ hinge is the fact that when the time for replacement does come, it is a simple procedure. When welded hinges need to be replaced, the old ones must be ground off and then the new ones must be welded back on, a labor-intensive procedure that requires specialized tools and is damaging the original factory finish. You also need to be careful to ensure that the gate is still aligned properly after the hinges are replaced. With polytech™ hinges it is a simple matter of sliding out the old block and sliding a new one in. This saves time, money and the gate’s finish.